Pembroke Welsh Corgis


Corgis came into John’s life in 1960, and until recently there has always been one with him.  Over the years he bred several litters, producing group winners, but most importantly incredible companions.

When John was co breeding with Texanda Corgis, Ruff was a bitch that he bred and owned, that did some nice winning, but most importantly she was a constant companion.

Lola came from Carol Boitano and spent 14 years with us.

She ventured into the show ring and did well.  She is pictured here going Best of Winners the weekend of the Canadian Corgi National at the Alberta Kennel Club.





Josie came from Gareth Morgan-Jones and was gone all to soon.  But for the three years she was with us, she did what all Corgis do – brought us great joy!

When she wasn’t busy supervising on the farm, she went to dog shows, and occasionally even played.

And if all else fails-there is always Corgi Art!

corgi decal


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