I took some time to travel to Chengdu in China and judge a show.  My Mom, who had always wanted to travel to China came along - which considering she just had her 89th birthday was quite a trip.

The Li's the organizers of the dog show were wonderful, and my translator/agent Dan Li did everything in the power to make it a trip to remember both for Mom and I.

The show was very well organized with some nice dogs from several countries.  I had great stewards who worked with Dan to make sure language wasn't a problem.

Here is the trophy table, Dan is standing behind, and my mom was with a translator the club provided for her for the day.

After the show we went to the old city of Li Chang for a few days - this is a very old and beautiful city well worth the trip.

We stayed at the Snow Drop Inn, which was very nice and an old Naxi house - here is Mom in the garden.

I can't say enough about how kind everyone was to Mom who had always wanted to travel to China and at 89 took on the challenge.  She had a great time and says it was a trip of a lifetime for her - jet lag and all.

I have been fortunate to travel to many areas to. judge dogs.  Judging is a fun part of my life, and seemed like a natural evolution after showing dogs for many years.

I have traveled across Canada, judged in many parts of the United States and done a variety of International Assignments.  I have judged in New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, and Thailand.  Unfortunately, I am not a great photographer, but did capture a few shots on my travels.

Taipei, Taiwan was very interesting.  We did find some American Fast food - but most meals were traditional Chinese.

Here is the memorial - where we found one other person who spoke English:

The tour of Snake alley was different - and the traffic - the picture speaks for itself.


In Bangkok, I visited one of the temples:

Had some incredible meals:

And spent a morning at a floating market:

When I was in Bangkok, I had a chance to visit some Tailors

They did a great job for me, and continue to do so. You can visit their shop here: 

My latest trip to New Zealand was a chance to make new friends and visit old ones.  This trip was a little different for me.  My 85 year old mother came along - on her first international travel.

We visited friends in Dunedin and spent time with Allison Eckhold.  Here is Allison and my Mom:

I can't thank the friends, both old and new who made Mom's trip very enjoyable and a lifetime memory.

We also went to look at the New Zealand Kennel Club grounds in Dunedin:

We even took time to travel by Mom's favorite form of transportation - the train:


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